Thursday, 21 August 2008


Almost without fail, Christians are profoundly impressed and moved by the sacrifice Jesus made for them so that they might know salvation. "Jesus suffered and died for our sins!" they will proclaim with fervent conviction.

The way I see it, simulating suffering, pretending to die and then whisking oneself off to paradise to rule the universe does not really qualify as sacrifice per se.

Jesus Christ... what a prick!


john evans said...

hey Joe,
I like your fire! It is amazing isn't it, that so many people think of the Jesus character as perfectly good when he was, as you perfectly sum him up, a prick! And what's worse, a mythological prick. I encourage you to keep the blog growing and thanks for your interest in my blog-you have inspired me to get back to it. Thanks and best of luck to you

Joe said...

Thanks very much John! You've inspired me... watch this space!