Sunday, 13 July 2008

Jesus Christ Is A Prick

If you are a Christian, you worship a mean, vindictive, sadistic torture obsessed prick!

Think about it... Jesus Christ can not get enough of the torture. According to Jesus, if you don't love him and accept him as your lord and saviour... he will torture you in Hell.

But it's not just any torture. Nope. It's a torture more horrific sick and twisted beyond what any human mind could possibly imagine. Great!

But wait... it's not just that it's an unimaginably horrific sick and twisted torture. Nope. He tortures people forever and ever! As far  as Jesus is concerned... too much torture is never enough! He will never stop. Not ever. Talk about commitment! When the last star in the heavens has burnt out, Jesus will still be there, torturing just as enthusiastically as he did on that day the first unfortunate soul came his way. Jesus Christ is like an omnipotent Duracell Bunny of vicious oppressors!

As soon as you die, Jesus gets down to business,. Your consciousness will be sustained so that, rather than be laid to rest, you may know torture beyond anything ever conceived for all of eternity. Jesus - the sadistic prick - will torture you forever with no end to the pain and suffering (and gnashing of teeth... don't forget the gnashing of teeth!). He will never stop.

In Hell, there is no possibility of suspension of sentence. No parole. No time off for good behaviour. No visits from the Red Cross or Amnesty International. Jesus has no goals of rehabilitation or coercion or even information extraction - and he definitely has no appeals process. It would seem, this torture in Hell serves no purpose other than to satisfy Christ's unquenchable sadistic nature.

This sick twisted Jesus guy makes Torquemada look like Julie Andrews!

And don't give me any of that rubbish about "Jesus is love" and all that "gentle Jesus meek and mild" baloney! There is no getting around the fact that he is one monumentally sick malevolent jerk no matter what else he says or does. It's like hearing about some guy that does a lot of wonderful work for charity but turns out to be a serial baby rapist. You're just not going to sing that guys praises no matter how much time he put in at the homeless shelter.

If you are a Christian, you worship a sadistic prick who tortures people in the most gruesome possible ways and never, ever stops - even though presumably he could. After all, he is God and he can do anything... right?!

Thankfully, I don't think any of this is real. I don't believe in Jesus or any of the reprehensible concepts he stands for. Why? I'm afraid that there just isn't enough evidence to convince me of his existence. If someone someday could provide me with enough evidence for the existence of Jesus I would be happy to believe in him, however, I wouldn't worship him because  Jesus Christ is a prick.

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